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Opening Day

INTECC is a scientific conference on

Innovative Technologies for Climate Change







Topic 1 - Environment & Climate Change

  • Climate and environmental modelling
  • Air and water pollution control strategies
  • Sustainable building design and modern urbanization
  • Environmentally efficient systems and design
  • Environmental engineering; Ecological issues and their prevention
  • Drought and forest fires from climate change prospective
  • Environmental degradation and remedy

Topic 2 - Food Security & Sustainability

  • Climate-smart and agriculture technologies
  • Minimizing post harvest losses
  • Valorization of organic waste
  • Interventions to improve soil and crop productivity
  • Soil biodiversity for agricultural sustainability
  • Greenhouse and hydroponics cultivations
  • Agriculture water management
  • Irrigation systems
  • Best management practices for sustainable agriculture
  • Greenhouse design and optimization

Topic 3 - Renewable Energy Sources

  • Innovative PV systems
  • Bioreactors for enrgy application
  • Harnessing offshore winds for energy applications
  • Implication of renewable energy
  • Energy audit and design os sustainable cities
  • Design of efficient solar and wind energy systems
  • Challenges to adopt technologies.

Topic 4 - Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development

  • Applications of artificial intelligence AI (deep learning/machine learning/...) for sustainable development
  • Applications of artificial intelligence AI to climate change
  • Climate-Smart agriculture and sustainable development
  • Artificiel intelligence-assisted drinking water management
  • Drones and their application for sustainable development
  • Remote sensing and environmental mapping
  • Applications of computer sciences, IT and IoT

Topic 5 - Capacity Building and Innovation solutions for sustainable development

  • Wastewater treatement technologies
  • Waste into value-added products
  • Economic barriers to sustainable development
  • Social responsability and implications
  • Capacity building and educational prospective
  • Bio-circular economy for sustainability

Important dates

August 27, 2023

Reception of abstracts and papers

September 17, 2023

Notification of acceptance to authors

October 22, 2023

Confirmation of participation and final registration

November 03, 2023

Seminar official opening